How Much Estate-Planning Documentation Do You Need?

Not everyone needs an extensive or expensive estate plan in Washington. However, there are basic documents — a will, a power of attorney and advance directive — that everyone should have regardless of age. The more assets you own, the more important it is to protect those assets and your beneficiaries with a comprehensive estate plan.

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Documents Often Included In Estate Plans

An estate plan consists of several legal documents that are designed to meet specific goals. Those documents may include:

  • A last will and testament: Unless you want the government to decide who will get your property when you die, you should complete a last will and testament. You can also designate a guardian for your children if you and your spouse should die before your children reach age 18.
  • Trusts: There are many different types of trusts that you can use to accomplish specific goals. For example, some trusts can help you minimize estate taxes. Others can protect a beneficiary's inheritance from issues like divorce and bankruptcy.
  • Community property agreements: In Washington, married couples and registered domestic partners can avoid the time and expense of a probate proceeding by signing a community property agreement (CPA).
  • Power of attorney: You can name a trusted person as someone who can step into your shoes and make decisions for you if you become disabled.
  • Advance directives: You can save your family members the need to make heart-wrenching decisions about feeding tubes and artificial life support by completing an advance directive for health care, including a living will.

In addition to creating estate plans, our lawyers represent executors and family members in Washington probate proceedings.

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